Lorne Brass has played principal roles in over 50 different film and television projects. Some of his film work includes Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, Todd Hayne's I'm Not There, Jean Claude Lauzon’s Un Zoo La Nuit (Night Zoo) and Leolo, Denys Arcand's Joyeux Calvaire, Bethune, Varian’s War, Paradoxe, Ding & Dong and Nazareth USA (Le Derniere Souffle). His television credits include: Being Human, Roch and Rolland, Histoire de Famille, The Last Chapter (Le Derniere Chapitre), The Reagans, Les Bougons, Reseaux, Diva, L’Ombre de L’epervier, Smoke Belliou, Baree & Kazan, Day One, Scoop, Urban Angel, Misguided Angels and L’Histoire du Canada (A Canadian History).
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