Lorne Brass

Lorne Brass is a Montreal based director, actor, and editor. For over 10 years he was one of the core members of the avant-garde theatre company Carbone 14, with whom he created and directed a body of exciting theatrical works. His work placed strong emphasis on the actor’s bodies in a visual and visceral theatrical environment. While creating an explosive adaptation of Peter Weiss’ Marat Sade, for which he was voted “Director of the Year” by the Quebec Theatre Critics Association, he began to explore the multiple possibilities of video in the context of live performance. Interweaving pre-recorded fiction, documentary, and live camera in an almost balletic choreography, video became a vital character in the work. This led to his deeper interest in film and television. With encouragement from the late Montreal film director Jean Claude Lauzon, he was chosen one of twelve residents in the director’s program at the Canadian Film Centre founded by Norman Jewison. While at the centre he directed the medium length fiction Press One To Connect and has since gone on to direct many other projects including documentary, youth programming, reality TV, commercials and corporates. As an actor he has played principal roles in over 50 different film and television projects. Interested in all facets of live performance and the film industry, he has also directed a visual operetta for 3 sopranos and six cellos, taught drama at the university level, published poetry in various Canadian lit-mags and held the position of Head of Creative Development/Producer at FilmLine International.

Lorne Brass remains firmly committed to the creative process and the power of collaboration. Please enjoy exploring the many demo reels on this site.